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Operand is a new Concrete5 theme created by Trinamic Digital Solutions. This theme is a powerful tool for any potential user trying to build their own website using Concrete5. First and foremost, Operand is designed to simply work and look gorgeous across the widest array of devices. From mobile phones to full-size TV's, Operand is sure to help you stand out from the crowd in a good way! Operand is also a theme that allows a user to put their own unique footprint on ANY installation of Operand. With the ability to customize colors, create unique page layouts and add background images to certain page areas, Operand provides a framework upon which to build your own dream website!

'Responsive Lightbox' Plugin Included!

Not sure if you've noticed, but those lovely lightbox image galleries are not included out of the box with Concrete5. They are a custom plugin included with the Operand Theme! These responsive galleries allow a user to provide a small sample image and then click the image to view a larger/more detailed image OR an entire gallery of related images. The user can even view images in Full-Screen mode! This plugin is VERY easy to use and allows the user to simply pick images from the file manager.

  • Sample Content Included

    Sample Content Included

    Operand comes with sample content so that you can plug in your content and hit the web running!

  • Speedy Support

    Speedy Support

    Operand also prides itself on providing top-quality support with responses within 1-2 business days guaranteed!

Client Testimonials

John Doe
John Doe
Chief Technology Officer, Company Inc.
"We are so very pleased with Operand. This is what a sample testimonial would look like on your home page. Operand makes it simple to make a statement on the web!"
Jane Smith
Jane Smith
Manager, Human Resources, ACME Corporation
"Operand truly made it easy to create a beautiful looking website. This is just a sample testimonial that hopefully shows what a real website could look like!"

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