Jun 25, 2018
Well, you have joined the others and have created a blog. It is time to tell the world about your online journal. Most blog services generate an RSS feed. If your blogging software does not create an RSS feed, consider using software like FeedForAll http:…
Jun 22, 2018
For those of you who already know what XML namespaces are, and just want to know how FeedForAll supports them, pleases skip ahead to the Extensions in FeedForAll Section. RSS Namespaces
Jun 20, 2018
1.) Title - The title should really be no longer than 10-12 words. Use the title as a headline to attract interest. 2.) Description - Descriptions are generally summaries, provide additional information to entice the reader to click through for the full …
Jun 18, 2018
RSS is a standard for syndicating content on the Internet. RSS feeds are used in a variety of ways to distribute all types of content via the Internet. The benefits for individuals subscribing to RSS feeds have resulted in a rapid growth and adoption rate…
Jun 15, 2018
Description of what can be contained in various RSS feed fields. RSS Feed Field Descriptions


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